A campaign focused, boutique creative agency based in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Weird Candy is passionately dedicated to creating meaningful, bold and cohesive campaigns for the music and brands we love.
The collective experience of our left and right-brained, strange and talented team has led to a highly efficient process. From graphic design and photography to video production and motion graphics, we provide our clients with all the creative assets they need for any successful release campaign or product launch.

Weird gets noticed.

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Vacation Inc.

Multiple campaign shoots produced, supporting product launches and advertising for this acclaimed, beauty, cosmetic and lifestyle brand.
Production design created in direct collaboration with the marketing team to maintain a finely-tuned level of nostalgia, and classic, leisure-inspired visual identity.

Creative Direction: Alex Berger
Photography: Alex Berger
Motion: Abraham Mast
Project Management: Alex Berger

”Weird Candy are the real deal! It’s rare you get to work with people that are not only talented, great at both the craft and the production/admin side of the job, but are also reasonably priced and extremely pleasant, passionate people to work with. Highly recommended!”

Lach Hall
Founding Partner, Executive Chair Marketing, Vacation Inc.

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